Promoting Environmental Stewardship

MDA Agricultural Stewardship Assurance Program rewards responsible stewards

The Missouri Department of Agriculture has always put a strong focus on commending farmers, producers, ranchers and landowners who are good stewards of the resources in their care. The Missouri Agricultural Stewardship Assurance Program was unveiled in 2015 to acknowledge and reward those responsible stewards. MDA has certified nearly 90 farms across the state thus far, including the University…

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Return to the Forest

Dusty Walter named superintendent at the Hugo Wurdack Research Center and director of natural resources management for CAFNR's out-state research center network

A passion for the outdoors has guided Walter’s career—although it took him awhile to get there. After graduating from high school, he studied computer science, but it wasn’t the right fit. He got a job working with electrical technicians for the City of Columbia Water and Light Department, and thought electrical engineering might be a good career path, but that didn’t connect either. He…

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